One of the key elements of our new approach is to raise the profile of rewards. We want to be better and quicker at recognising achievement and letting our students know that they are going above and beyond and contributing to their own success.

In less than 2 weeks we have recorded a staggering 2114 achievement points which students know about when they receive green cards in their lessons. This is an exceptional achievement.

Well done to all students who have received green cards already. This approach will make for a more positive learning experience and will drive success and well-being.

How many green cards can we get this week?

I wanted to thank all our students, staff and families for a fantastic start to the new academic year.

We have a simple aim this year: To be the best version of Sprowston that we can be, This means consistently high expectations for behaviour, learning and attendance.

As part of this we have launched:

A new approach to behaviour management, including a sharper focus on rewards
A new shape of the school day
A ban on mobile phones in school
A renewed focus on uniform

We have been massively impressed with how everyone has risen to the challenge and to some extent it is feeling like a different school. We aim to keep our strong relationships and inclusive ethos whilst promoting consistently positive attitudes to learning and academic progress.

Thank you to everyone who is part of Team Sprowston. I could not be prouder.

Liz Wood
Acting Head of School

Welcome to all staff and students returning to school this week. We hope that you have had a fantastic break and are now ready to get the brain going again! A particularly warm welcome to our new Y7 students and any other students who are new to our school.

Our approach this term is simple, being the best version of Sprowston Community Academy that we can be. There will be a particular focus on attitudes to learning, behaviour, attendance and rewards. Central to all of this is student and staff well-being and a sense of kindness and care for each other.

We welcome back Y7 and Y12 students on Thursday 6th September, ready for a 8.55 am start. All other students should return ready for 11.30 am which will be in form bases.

Well done to all our students receiving results over the last 2 weeks.  We are exceptionally proud of how hard students worked to achieve these results and we know that, in many cases, it reflects 2 years of hard work and dedication.

As a school we are committed to supporting our students to achieve the best possible academic outcomes.  We are also committed to improving the life chances of our students by providing opportunities for them to develop employability and life skills such as communication, team work and creativity.

At this point, it is important to stress that exam grades do not define us as a person.  They are one part of the jigsaw of who we are and what we offer.  We hope that all of of our students will go on to be confident, happy and successful in their own way whatever the numbers and letters on a piece of paper say.  Good luck and best wishes to all of the students leaving us, and thank you to everyone who has supported them along the way.

Liz Wood
Head of School/SENCO
Sprowston Community Academy

Wishing you all a fantastic break.  Have fun, stay safe, and see you in September or on results days.


A Level Results:  Thursday 16 August in the Library from 9.00 am

GCSE Results:    Thursday 23 August in the Library from 9.00 am

Students return for the autumn term on Thursday 6 September:

       Years 7 and 12 at 8.55 am

       Years 8, 9 10, 11 and 13 at 11.30 am


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