May I take this final opportunity to wish you every success in the future.  "Shine" and celebrate all your gifts and talents; achieve great academic success and support others less fortunate than ourselves, like today with fundraising and thinking of those who have suffered from strokes.


Be kind to yourself - be kind to others.


Very best wishes, and 'On the Ball City'!

A £1 donation will be made to help raise money for this excellent cause, show our support and share our best wishes for Mr Richard Boyce, Headteacher of Falcon Junior, who suffered a stroke last year.  So if you have something purple - wear it!

Family is a key part of Pep Guardiola's Manchester City approach to management.  "If a player or coach does not have the right support around them, he is not complete."

Why not seek good friendships and support from all your extended family members.

Dear students and families

Valerie Moore and I have emailed/texted parents and staff to let you know that I am seconded to the Trust from 4 June, so my last day will be this Friday, 25 May.

Ms Liz Wood will become Head of School from 4 June until 31 December 2018.

May I take this opportunity of wishing Ms Wood every success as the school moves forward with the Rightforsuccess Trust.

So important that we celebrate absolutely every success you have, no matter how small, with your tutor on a daily basis.  Make them happier today!


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