I hope everyone made the very most of our fantastic Careers Fair we held in the main Sports Hall.  Hopefully, some really good conversations were had about the academic grades required in English, Maths and Science especially, and the interpersonal skills and attributes needed too.

Working hard at your academic studies and having a career plan for the future is a great way to ensure you will have a healthy career in the future.  So do your very best today, focus on your lessons and achieve, achieve, achieve!  Aim high.

It's human nature to constantly seek out more.  Your progress is dependent on your curiosity and desire.

Getting involved in clubs helps you build friendships through a genuine shared interest.  Go on ... join one today!


So many opportunities available including:

Student Leaders                supporting events across the school year

Student Council                 representing the students by providing a forum for views and positive change

Student Support                to offer information, help and guidance for personal well-being

Outreach Committee         links with the local community and countrywide opportunities

ECO Committee                to raise awareness and action for environmental responsibility


We also have the Charities Group, Library Group and PE Sports Council.  Please talk to your tutor, class teacher or supporting adult about how you can get more actively involved in our great school.

A warm welcome to all our prospective students and their families to our Open Week.  The school is open for visits from 10.15 am to 11.15 am.  Please enjoy your time with us visiting lessons and seeing our facilities. 


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