You can find the Exams Office at the front of school on the main administration corridor.

Exams Officer:

Exams Officer: Mrs Tina Gent

Contact details:

Direct Line: 01603 481865


I hope that you will find everything you need in our exams area to assist you in your revision preparation and forthcoming exams.

If you are worried or have any concerns relating to your forthcoming exams or just want to double-check something, please do not hesitate to come and see me.

I wish you all a successful exam season.

Mrs Gent
Exams Officer

Revision & Exam Programme 2018

The revision programme is what Yr11 students will follow during the exam period starting 14th May.

Year 11 Revision & Exam Programme 2018

Exam and Coursework for Art & Photography Year 11

For all Year 11 Art and Photography students, please download and read the attached letter for information on preparation for the Exams, the Exams, and coursework.

Exam and Coursework Art & Photography Letter Year 11

Course Details for A-Level & GCSE

These are the current courses for 2017/18 for A-Level and GCSE. If you are looking for information on Exam Boards, QAN Codes, Course Units or Cash In codes, then look in the following attachments.


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