Year 11 Revision Information

Year 11 Revision Information

We would like to share some important information regarding the support offered to Year 11 students as well as an outline of the revision and preparation for each subject; designed to maximise individual success.

Please open the attachments for more information on the following.

  • GCSE Revision Sessions
  • Earning Revision Points
  • Exam Support Evening
  • Year 11 Parents Evening
  • Revision Guides
  • Revision Timetable


Revision & Mock Exams

A big thank you to Jack Walker, a Community First Responder in Brundall, for taking time to come in and speak to our Sixth Form students about First Responder volunteer opportunities in the Norfolk area.

If you are over 18 and interested in applying please see the presentation, which gives details on the role, requirements and application details.

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Year 11 Revision and Mock Exam Information

Thank you to all that attended last week’s revision and exam information evening. I hope that everyone who attended found it useful and reassuring. We shared on the evening a range of information which is also now available here.

We all want the best for our child(ren), but here are some Do’s and Don’ts.


  • Ask your child(ren) what areas subjects they want help with.
  • Make them aware that you are there for them physically and emotionally.
  • Organise some non-study activities for them.
  • Encourage them with praise and rewards.
  • Make sure the revision environment is quiet and revision friendly.


  • Force them to revise in a way you think best.
  • Put extra pressure on them.
  • Keep telling them how organised you were at that age about revision.


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