On Friday 4th November, year 9 students of French, Spanish and German experienced a special lesson conducted by student “Language Ambassadors” from the University Of East Anglia (UEA)

Ambassadors Ross and Ines spoke to the students about the importance of learning other languages, followed by taster sessions in either French or Japanese.

Following are some of their comments on this event.

“In the lesson, I learnt that it is important to study a language, because you can explore other countries and you will be able to speak that language as well”.

“I have learned some words of Japanese. Also I learned that the Japanese use pictograms or symbols instead of words. I also learned about Japanese events, such as Sumo wrestling”.

“I learned awesome words for Japanese and I know some things that they eat, like squid. And that konichiwa means hello in Japanese”

“I learned lots of different traditions, like that once a year, the Japanese sit underneath a big blossom tree, drink wine and have a good time. Also Japanese people are very strict about how people should greet each other. For example, they have to bow to a certain degree.”

“I learnt that how in Japan, they speak how they write. I found it interesting how they write different meanings and eat lots of different things like octopus ice cream!”

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