We are delighted that your child is considering Sprowston Community Academy from September 2018 and we would like to take this opportunity of welcoming you as a family.

The next 5 academic years will be a major chapter in the life of your child and we are absolutely committed to making this period as special and purposeful as possible, maximising, where we can, the well-being and life chances of all the young people within our care.

The journey we take with your child begins now. There is much that we can do now to prepare the way, both practically and emotionally, so that your child will find the transition from Junior to Secondary as exciting and stress free as possible. This page will outline some of the opportunities that we offer you as a family and we hope that you will also feel able to contact us if there is anything that worries or concerns you in the coming months.

You will find some specific information aimed at Year 6 students about to embark upon the next stage of their education.

In the section you will find information on:

  • The differences between Junior and Secondary
  • Teaching, learning and the curriculum
  • School Uniform
  • Expectations
  • Taster Days
  • Extra-curricular clubs and activities

We hope that your child will enjoy looking at these pages with you, and with their friends, and that this will help them feel more confident and prepared for September.

You will be given your own individual timetable that will be personal to you. It will show clearly which subject, teacher and room you will have for each lesson. It will show clearly which subject, teacher and room you will have for each lesson.

You will have many new subjects at Sprowston and meet many new teachers.

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • Languages - French, German or Spanish
  • Geography
  • History
  • Religious Studies
  • Citizenship
  • Technology - Graphics, Food, Materials, Textiles, ICT
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • PE
  • The school site is large and students move around independently.
  • New rules to learn.
  • A full and new school uniform.
  • Students have many different teachers rather than just one or two.
  • Students move from room to room for different lessons.
  • Students will be expected to carry bags and equipment from lesson to lesson, and possibly store their belongings in a locker.
  • Students have a timetable outlining subjects and lessons.
  • Students are responsible for a journal to record homework and letters.
  • Students may have lessons that they have not experienced at Junior School before such as French, German or Spanish.
  • Students may have to travel further to get to High School - perhaps travel by bus.
  • Students will have to be more independent at breaks and lunchtimes.
  • Students will become more self-organised and independent.

Transition days take place every July and are designed to give you an idea of what daily life is like in Sprowston Community Academy and to meet their new form tutor and fellow students. Your child will go to Junior School as normal on the day they will then travel to us by either coach or walking. We provide a free packed lunch on that day. Don’t forget to bring a pencil case and a drink!

A tour of the school will take place and also time to meet and talk with existing students so that they can ask any questions that they have and get a feel for the building and its grounds.

They will also take part in one of the many taster lessons that are held. These will include Geography, English, PE, Languages, Science, Drama and many more. These are planned and delivered just like a normal High School lesson so that the new students can see what daily lessons are like.

All students will be provided with a packed lunch and will not be expected to bring their own lunch.

During this time they will have a chance to wander and explore the school.

There will be an opportunity for parents to come into school and meet with the form tutors. This is an important time for both you and your child. During this time the tutors will hold a brief presentation and time will be added to discuss individual concerns.

Moving schools can be an exciting and sometimes a worrying time for your child. Below is a list of ways in which you can offer support and help your child.

  • Attend all the Parents' Evenings
  • Meet the form tutor and Head of Year and discuss any concerns or information that will need to be shared.
  • Get informed about the school by reading the information pack we provide. Your child will bring this home with them from Junior School.
  • Read carefully all the information provided to you. Share this with your child. It may answer many of the questions that you both have.
  • Ask the Junior School for advice. They will also offer support to your child about moving on.


The form tutor is a very important person in you and your child's life. They should be the first person that you contact if there is any matter or concern that you wish to discuss. Make sure you take the opportunity given to meet him or her on the transition evening.

There is space in the journal that your child will be provided with to write brief notes or messages that you wish the form tutor or subject teacher to read. There is also space for absence notes, but please telephone the school in the morning if your child is ill.

If there is a problem then please inform us. If we know, then we can help.

We believe in focussing on the positive management of behaviour rather than the negative.

We have a strong behaviour policy and many successful strategies with dealing with behaviour in a positive way. We believe in celebrating success and rewarding the students who achieve and behave well in and around school.

  • Good news slips
  • Credits and certificates
  • Celebration assemblies
  • Letters home to pupils and parents for achievement
  • 'Star of the Week' to celebrate achievement
  • Academic Achievement Awards for excellent achievement
  • Certificates for good attendance
  • Celebration lunches or events for well-behaved form groups
  • The opportunity for studentss to become Prefects, Peer Mentors or join the Year or School council.
  • Vouchers for achieving targets in short reports or mocks
  • Reward trips and visits.
  • Teacher and subject nominations for improved work and behaviour, or continued hard work and effort. Students receive certificates and prizes.
  • The Leavers Prom, Year Book and non-school uniform days in Year 11.

Attitude + Attendance + Appearance = Attainment

  • A classroom is a place of learning; we enter in an orderly fashion and take care of the classroom equipment.
  • We come to lessons properly equipped, prepared to work and in uniform.
  • We speak kindly and respectfully to each other.
  • When we need help, we ask by raising our hands.
  • We follow the instructions of staff for our learning and our safety.

Our Expectations

  • We should enter the room quietly and ensure outdoor garments are removed before you enter.
  • Mobile phones should be switched off and put away.
  • We should have all necessary books and equipment, get them out and put bags away.
  • We should wait quietly for the lesson to begin.
  • We should raise our hand and wait to be asked when asking or answering a question.
  • We should stop what we are doing and pay attention when a teacher talks to us.
  • We should not eat in lessons or take any action which might distract ourselves or others.
  • If we arrive late we should explain why and expect to be detained if we have no good reason.
  • We should record all homework down in our journals.
  • We should not pack away at the end of a lesson until a teacher tells us to.
  • We should follow instructions about putting things away and leave the room tidy for the next lesson.

There are maps of the school site displayed clearly around the school. You will also be given a map and there will be a map printed inside your new journal. In the first weeks, Prefects and Sixth Formers will be on hand to guide you.

We have many exciting clubs both during lunchtimes and after schools. These include:

  • Folk Music Club
  • ICT Clubs
  • Girls Football
  • Boys Football
  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Animation
  • Drama
  • Climbing Club
  • Swimming
  • And many more!

Transition Forms Pack


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