Attitude + Attendance + Appearance = Attainment

  • A classroom is a place of learning; we enter in an orderly fashion and take care of the classroom equipment.
  • We come to lessons properly equipped, prepared to work and in uniform.
  • We speak kindly and respectfully to each other.
  • When we need help, we ask by raising our hands.
  • We follow the instructions of staff for our learning and our safety.

Our Expectations

  • We should enter the room quietly and ensure outdoor garments are removed before you enter.
  • Mobile phones should be switched off and put away.
  • We should have all necessary books and equipment, get them out and put bags away.
  • We should wait quietly for the lesson to begin.
  • We should raise our hand and wait to be asked when asking or answering a question.
  • We should stop what we are doing and pay attention when a teacher talks to us.
  • We should not eat in lessons or take any action which might distract ourselves or others.
  • If we arrive late we should explain why and expect to be detained if we have no good reason.
  • We should record all homework down in our journals.
  • We should not pack away at the end of a lesson until a teacher tells us to.
  • We should follow instructions about putting things away and leave the room tidy for the next lesson.

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