Moving schools can be an exciting and sometimes a worrying time for your child. Below is a list of ways in which you can offer support and help your child.

  • Attend all the Parents' Evenings
  • Meet the form tutor and Head of Year and discuss any concerns or information that will need to be shared.
  • Get informed about the school by reading the information pack we provide. Your child will bring this home with them from Junior School.
  • Read carefully all the information provided to you. Share this with your child. It may answer many of the questions that you both have.
  • Ask the Junior School for advice. They will also offer support to your child about moving on.


The form tutor is a very important person in you and your child's life. They should be the first person that you contact if there is any matter or concern that you wish to discuss. Make sure you take the opportunity given to meet him or her on the transition evening.

There is space in the journal that your child will be provided with to write brief notes or messages that you wish the form tutor or subject teacher to read. There is also space for absence notes, but please telephone the school in the morning if your child is ill.

If there is a problem then please inform us. If we know, then we can help.

Transition Forms Pack


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