Thank you to all the parents, carers and guardians of Year 10 pupils that filled in the parent view questionnaire at the last parent's evening, the responses of which can be on the Parent View page.

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting with the Year 10 students who achieved an average ATL of 3.5 or above a great achievement. Congratulations to them all, especially Natasha Levesley who is at the top of her group with a fabulous ATL of 3.8.

With the window for options changes closed, it has been nice to see the Year 10 students settling into their new courses.  Popping into their classes, it has been lovely to see the students so focused and so many producing some excellent work.  To credit this, I will be taking the 'retro' step of re-introducing the traditional gold star!

It is a very simply concept; if I see work into which I feel they have put their all into, I will give them a gold sticker and a thank you.  I am hoping this small gesture toward their effort will least make a small part of their day a little bit nicer.

Daren Bidle

Hear of Year 10

I would like to offer a warm welcome back to the year 10 students. Over the past week I have visited as many classrooms as I can, aiming to see the Y10 students in action as they embark upon this next stage of their academic journey. It has been wonderful to see the hard work already underway in so many classes and by so many students. For many it will be a daunting year, as the demands of GCSE and BTEC fall upon their shoulders; but as this years excellent results have shown, our students are fully capable of rising to those challenges and of grabbing success with both hands.



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ChatHealth offers support on a wide range of health related issues including relationships, healthy eating, smoking, bullying and coping with exam stress.

The ChatHealth text number is 07480 635060

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