Ms Humpleby and Ms Harris went back to University on a Friday evening to experience a Drawing workshop to experience a Life Drawing class taught by NUA Fine Art tutor Will Teather

"It was a great experience, I really enjoyed the work and was pleased to see that even after all these years as an artist i can still learn something new. Will Teather has an exhibition at the Arts Centre on St Benedict St​ where is is also the current Artist in Residence. I went there for a talk on Saturday and it is well worth a visit"

Ms Humpleby

Students were invited to a Photography round table at NUA on Friday 19th January, 9.30am. Acclaimed photographers Andy Earl, Simon Stock, Jasper White, Fiona Watson, Carol Sharp and Emma Joyce were discussing their creative practice and careers - opening up questions to the audience.

Y12 Photography student Mya Fairweather attended and had an interesting discussion about the Photographers careers, creative choices and photography Genres. "It was an interesting experience, I was a little nervous but I learned a lot and have been able to contact some of the Photographers afterwards to ask about work experience"

Academic Success Awards January 2018

Congratulations to all the students from this half term who achieved an Academic Success Award. This is to recognise their outstanding academic achievement and attitude.

The awards are given by class teachers to those students who have shone in terms of working extra hard in and out of lessons, or persevering with difficult work, along with those who have exceeded their personal target grades and achieved at a high level.

Well done to all students and keep up these really high standards for the rest of the year.

Download this file (ASA List 23-1-18.pdf)ASA List 23-1-18.pdf

Excellent day at the East of England regional finals and well done to all who participated.

Congratulations to @Lightspeed_schs & @RacingBlackout for making it through to the national finals!

Well done to @SchsTechSquad for winning the Entry class too.

Year 11 students have been working exceptionally hard after school and at home, preparing and completing revision for the final exams in the summer.

The assemblies since the mock exams have covered the 'opportunities' that will be offered and making the most of these, which the students certainly have.

This student booklet offers practical advice to students linked to the 'Do's' and 'Don'ts' for revision, a range of revision techniques to try out and advice for the lead up, night before, morning and day of the exams.

A revision timetable outline can also be found here with instructions on how to plan and organise the time between now and the exams, setting out the exact timing for revision of students' subjects.

Preparation and organisation are key and this timetable really does help.


The hare has finally arrived at Sprowston Community Academy and the team of twelve Year 9s have been busy designing and producing creative writing about our hare.

From all the ideas created we have had the difficult task of choosing the design going forward. The finished hare has been based on their writing pieces and folktales on hares.

Watch this space as the team paint the hare ready for the trail.

Creating a sculpture for the SµGRE-1 competition
Building a water clock to accurately measure 60 seconds.
Making cornflour bouncy balls
Molding a polymer made using milk and vinegar
Making alginate 'worms'.
Testing Martian soil samples for signs of life

Last term the Science Faculty started a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) club for KS3 students after school on Tuesdays and we have offered a range of activities that students wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to experience in their regular science lessons.

More UKMT maths challenge success for Katie who achieved a merit in the senior kangaroo competition.

Katie is hoping to study Maths at University next year.

We are committed towards ensuring that our Year 11s are able to maximise their exam potential and the Year 11 Mock Exams play an key role in supporting this drive. 

It has therefore been great to see the countless examples of individual student success highlighted by the results and I would like to thank the Year 11 students for the effort towards these exams.

With the new 1-9 grading system in place, a grade 5 denotes what is nationally being considered as a 'Strong Pass'.

I would therefore like to offer a special Congratulations to the following Year 11 students who achieved a Grade 5 or above in all of their Mock Exams.


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ChatHealth is a confidential Health line available to young people across Norfolk. Anyone between the ages of 11-19 can text the ChatHealth line to receive confidential and professional health advice.

ChatHealth offers support on a wide range of health related issues including relationships, healthy eating, smoking, bullying and coping with exam stress.

The ChatHealth text number is 07480 635060

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