Well done to the following students who all completed their Peer Mentor training on Monday 25, Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 September:

H Barrett, K Berry, M Cracknell, F Crosby, H Duffin, Z Johnson, N Levesley, A Metcalfe, T Mcgarry, S Norman, J Overton, M Pells, D Smith, E Taylor, J Vertigan, B Weston, T Willgress, G Winter and N Wright

It was good to meet with two Year 7 super-stars this morning: Asim Miah and Evie Dickerson have both gained over 10 achievement points already this term - a fantastic effort, well done!

7LE are racing ahead with a whopping 119 achievement points so far - can any other form catch them....?

Year 8 have been tasked with an extended inter-form challenge this term. They will work with the pupils in their form on a variety of different mini competitions to see which one can emerge victorious at the end.

These challenges will provide a balance of academic achievement, charitable work, community spirit and puzzle tests to see which form can come out on top.

So far, they have competed in 3 challenges and have really immersed themselves in all aspects of the competition.

I met with the Year 7 students who have already been awarded six achievement points or more this term.

This is an outstanding effort and shows what a great start these students have made to their time at our school. Well done!

Mr Setchell

Find out about Year 11 choices, academic intervention and extra sessions designed to support students in their final year of main school.

We feel that it is crucial for you as parents and carers to be aware of and help us promote all the opportunities which are designed to support and enhance achievement for our students. The year group as a whole achieved well in their first year of GCSEs in Year 10 and we want to build on this success.

Our approach to Year 11, GCSE studies and exams has been refined over recent years with excellent outcomes and growing success, and we look forward to working with you and the students to achieve even better this year.

Mr Sayce recently met with 58 students in Year 8 who in their last reports scored an average ATL of 3.5 or above. The highest possible score is 4, so 3.5 is a very high ATL and shows exceptional dedication to their studies across all their subjects.

Mr Sayce talked with the students about the importance of working hard and maintaining this fantastic dedication to learning. The studentss were challenged to see if they could maintain this level of commitment through the autumn term.

Once again, Year 8s are proving they are up to the challenge of being the best year group and setting the bar high for the rest of the school. Keep up the brilliant work.

The newly reformed Charity Committee met again with Mr Sayce this week to support the school’s support for upcoming charitable causes.

As a group of students from all year groups Year 7- Year 12 we discussed the school’s participation in the upcoming Jeans for Genes event and additional fundraising activities for this.

Year 8 pupils have started the year in high spirits and are already demonstrating a fantastic work ethic and brilliant attitude to learning.

This week Mr  Sayce met with and congratulated Silver and Gold achievement certificate winners from the end of Year 7.

There were an amazing 28 silver awards for pupils who had all achieved at least 30 Achievement points. 

An outstanding 13 pupils also achieved 50 or more Achievement points which meant they have been awarded a gold certificate.

Certificates of Achievements

We have just celebrated those students who at the end of year 8 going into year 9 achieved silver & gold certificates of achievement.

Congratulations to:

Since Arwen competed in the European championships in May, she took part in the TSKUK Nationals in Southend in July where she gained a silver medal for individual kumite and Gold in team kumite. In July, Arwen gained a bronze medal at the 2nd Shogai Williams cup in kumite (where she was fighting adults as well). And finally at the WTKO Summer karate camp in Frankfurt Order, Arwen gained silver medals in both individual Kata and kumite, in their competition.

What fantastic achievements!


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