Knowledge is power!

We have spent the start of term talking a lot about the importance of learning and gaining knowledge- not just to do well in exams but to also have the facts to make sense of the world we live in!  
I think it is helpful to think of 4 really important bits to this:
(a) Acquiring knowledge in the first place.  This is why it is so important to be in school in the first place and to be actively engaged in lessons so that the brain is starting to store facts.  What we learn in school can be added to, for example by independent research, chatting to adults and watching the news regularly.
(b) Organising knowledge.  Over time, we learn lots of things.  At some point we need to organise what we know- a bit like a sorting exercise for the brain! Some people use mindmaps, other people like flash cards or knowledge organisers. You need to find what works for you so try different things.
(c) Memorising knowledge.  This is the bit most of us find hardest.  How do we get our brain to be able to recall specific facts and link them together? We have to train our brain to do this as it will not automatically happen.
(d) Applying knowledge.  It is not enough to know a list of facts.  We need to practice how we can use these facts in different contexts.  This is where online tools such as My Maths, Doddle and BBC Bitsesize are brilliant- as are past papers from your teachers.
For parents and carers, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice on resources and revision guides that can support learning.  We are always keen to sign post resources.
Good luck!

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A group of 23 Year 9 students took park in Discover Your Voice debate training on Friday 29th June.  These keen talkers had a series of morning activities to help their reasoning, providing evidence to back up a point and listening and response skills. This included playing Ma Ma Moo Election, a game where you have to get elected varying tone and pitch but only using the words ‘Ma, Ma, Moo’! It’s amazing how much you can convey using pitch, tone and body language!

We learnt about the Extended Mace format for debating and in the afternoon had a chance to put our skills into practice! There were two motions:

  1. This House would ban all police carrying guns
  2. This House would allow all parents access to their child’s social media

The ideas certainly sparked controversy and debate! All too soon, preparation time was over and it was time to push aside those nerves and put all the skills to use.

Some feedback for the day included:

‘Debating training was a really good day, it will be useful for ‘learning how to present ourselves’.

‘The day helped me develop my confidence and skills in debating.’

‘I’m planning on going to 6th form after GCSEs, and this day made me more confident.’

I would like to extend my thanks to NEACO who fully funded the day and also our brilliant Discover Your Voice mentor Esther who was so engaging and dynamic. I also need to mention our brilliant students who learnt so much and participated so well- well done!

I am hoping to start a formal debating club from September. If you are interested in our next training event or debate club, see Mrs Bouttell in WS06.

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Doddle provides a comprehensive range of engaging online teaching, homework and assessment resources, to support learning and progress across the secondary curriculum in a range of subjects. It allows staff to assign varied resources to support classroom learning (presentations, audio, animations and revision materials), interactive presentations and self-marking quizzes to instantly assess understanding, and a secure and straightforward platform for teachers to assign any homework task.

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