• Year 7 Achievements

    More students have received their bronze badges this week for gaining 40 achievement points, with some now achieving silver as well. A fantastic effort. The Year 7s continue to impress with their effort and attitude in lessons.


    Bronze Silver
    Chester Boone Thomas Sartain
    Rosie Castle  
    Brandon-Jay Jefferson  
    Issy Slaats  
    Kieran Davison  
    Bethany Freestone  
    Lily Halstead  
    Emily Harding  
    Phoebe Howard  
    Brandon Hughes  
    Hayden Warren  
    Elliot White  
    Jamie Wilcox  


    Mr Setchell

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  • Star of the Week Summer Term 2

    Congratulations to all pupils nominated for Star of the Week for the Summer 2 Term, 2018.

    The nominations were made by the teachers and members of staff for exceptional effort, attitude, work or progress.  These names will be entered into a half term draw to win vouchers. 

    Well done and keep up these excellent standards

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  • Achievement Awards

    I met with some Year 7 students last week who I had the pleasure to award certificates for the amount of achievement points they have gained this year.

    Over 30 points were awarded the Silver certificate and over 50 points the Gold certificate. A tremendous effort - well done!

    Mr Setchell

    Names as follows:

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  • Mock Exam Success

    We are committed towards ensuring that our Year 11s are able to maximise their exam potential and the Year 11 Mock Exams play an key role in supporting this drive. 

    It has therefore been great to see the countless examples of individual student success highlighted by the results and I would like to thank the Year 11 students for the effort towards these exams.

    With the new 1-9 grading system in place, a grade 5 denotes what is nationally being considered as a 'Strong Pass'.

    I would therefore like to offer a special Congratulations to the following Year 11 students who achieved a Grade 5 or above in all of their Mock Exams.

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  • Year 7 Superstar

    Another addition to our list of super-stars on the YR7 notice board. Erin's report on the Battle of Hastings was a really fantastic piece of work.

    A very promising young historian!

    I was pleased to be able to give her a certificate and prize for her efforts. Well done Erin!

    Mr Setchell

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  • Silver Awards for Year 7 Students

    It was great to meet the students this morning who have received over 30 achievement points already in Year 7. They have each received a 'Silver Award' and a prize to reward the effort they are putting into lessons.

    A really impressive group of students.

    Mr Setchell

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  • Prize Winners Tea 2018


    It was lovely to see so many of our past Year 13 students and parents at our Prize Winners Awards Evening. One of my favourite parts of this job is when students are at the end of their school career and we have seen them change and grow into young adults. More so at Sixth Form level, when you know what exciting opportunities at university and in the world of work they have left to do. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about what you’ve been up to. A complete photo gallery can be found at the bottom of this article.

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  • Congratulations on an Incredible Achievement!


    I wanted to take the time to say a huge well-done to Arwen Stewart in Year 8.

    Arwen recently took part in the World Karate Championships in London. She is clearly an extremely talented martial artist as she won gold in the team, female kata. She also won bronze in the team kumite and bronze again in mixed team kata with Luca Occhionero who’s one of our Year 7 students.

    What an incredible achievement for both pupils!

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  • Year 7 Superstars

    I met with five more Year 7 superstars today to give them certificates and a prize.

    Martyna, Georgia, Jude and Niaz were all highly praised for their great work in MFL and Freya has made some excellent contributions to her Form Group. I am really impressed with these students - well done!

    Mr Setchell

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  • Topping the Tutor Groups

    7LE enjoyed their pizza lunch today which they thoroughly deserved for topping the tutor groups with the most achievement points in the first half term.

    What a great effort.

    Will they hold the title for a second time this half-term? They'll be hard to beat!

    Mr Setchell

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  • Year 7 Super Star

    Yesterday I met with another Year 7 super-star, Finley Cocking from 7LE. Finley has now gained 22 achievement points this half-term and received a thoroughly deserved Award certificate and Amazon voucher. Well done Finley!

    Despite a late burst from several of the Year 7 Forms, 7LE have pipped the others to the post and accrued a massive 205 achievement points this half-term. This means they have won this half-term's challenge and can look forward to a pizza lunch after the break - well done 7LE!!

    Mr Setchell

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  • Year 7 Super-Stars

    It was good to meet with two Year 7 super-stars this morning: Asim Miah and Evie Dickerson have both gained over 10 achievement points already this term - a fantastic effort, well done!

    7LE are racing ahead with a whopping 119 achievement points so far - can any other form catch them....?

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  • Year 7 Achievement Success

    I met with the Year 7 students who have already been awarded six achievement points or more this term.

    This is an outstanding effort and shows what a great start these students have made to their time at our school. Well done!

    Mr Setchell

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  • Year 8 - Sky High ATLs

    Mr Sayce recently met with 58 students in Year 8 who in their last reports scored an average ATL of 3.5 or above. The highest possible score is 4, so 3.5 is a very high ATL and shows exceptional dedication to their studies across all their subjects.

    Mr Sayce talked with the students about the importance of working hard and maintaining this fantastic dedication to learning. The studentss were challenged to see if they could maintain this level of commitment through the autumn term.

    Once again, Year 8s are proving they are up to the challenge of being the best year group and setting the bar high for the rest of the school. Keep up the brilliant work.

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  • Year 8 Superstars

    Year 8 pupils have started the year in high spirits and are already demonstrating a fantastic work ethic and brilliant attitude to learning.

    This week Mr  Sayce met with and congratulated Silver and Gold achievement certificate winners from the end of Year 7.

    There were an amazing 28 silver awards for pupils who had all achieved at least 30 Achievement points. 

    An outstanding 13 pupils also achieved 50 or more Achievement points which meant they have been awarded a gold certificate.

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  • Certificates of Achievements

    Certificates of Achievements

    We have just celebrated those students who at the end of year 8 going into year 9 achieved silver & gold certificates of achievement.

    Congratulations to:

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  • Arwen is a star!!!!

    Since Arwen competed in the European championships in May, she took part in the TSKUK Nationals in Southend in July where she gained a silver medal for individual kumite and Gold in team kumite. In July, Arwen gained a bronze medal at the 2nd Shogai Williams cup in kumite (where she was fighting adults as well). And finally at the WTKO Summer karate camp in Frankfurt Order, Arwen gained silver medals in both individual Kata and kumite, in their competition.

    What fantastic achievements!

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  • Silver Certificate for Achievement Points

    This morning I met with those students in Year 7 who have achieved a Silver Certificate for Achievement Points.

    This means that they have already been awarded over 30 Achievement Points from their subject teachers for a number of positive reasons. I am really impressed with these young students and their attitude.

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  • Star of the Week Spring 2017 Nominations

    Star of the Week Spring 2017 Nominations

    Congratulations to all pupils nominated for Star of the Week for the Spring half term, 2017.

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  • Welcome back and Happy New Year!

    We had a great Christmas assembly on the last Friday of term! I would like to thank Annalise, Sophie and Cindy for performing in front of the Year group and doing so well.

    The Tutor groups who overall won the combined Christmas Challenges were DC & HJ, an excellent effort.

    I attach the Christmas PowerPoint if you want to check out who won what awards!

    There were 64 awards and certificates given out during the assembly.

    John Cordeaux

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