• Summer Reading Challenge

    What is it all about?

    This summer, your challenge is to read a book – or several books – that you really enjoy.


    Reading is an amazing way to spend some of the summer holiday – it can be relaxing, satisfying, rewarding (and it’s great for your ability to learn).

    What do I do?

    In this downloadable booklet, write down the books that you are challenging yourself to read. You can also pick up a copy of the booklet from the library.

    Share this information with your parents – they might even be interested in reading with you, or even sponsoring you.

    When you come back to school, hand in your booklet to the school library – and join in the Autumn book groups if you like.

    Happy reading!

    Mr Jones

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  • Literacy Starter Day: March 2017

    This Wednesday's literacy starter day (15th March 2017) is focused on the skill of proofreading and common errors.

    Many of us find it easier to spot errors and mistakes in the work of others than we do in our own writing.

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  • Literacy and Science - A Winning Formula!

    I have spent some time in science recently looking at the literacy needs of the subject.

    You will see in the image that teachers are working hard to include literacy into science lessons and presentations.

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