The Art and Design area is found in the WG Block. Art form part of the core curriculum at KS3 and then is an option for KS4, with groups organised into mixed ability groups in all year groups. Students can elect to study Art and Design as post-16 courses.

What will the students learn in Art and Design?

There is more to Art than using a pencil, and we will work together with students to improve their existing techniques and introduce them to new ones. Students could find themselves using: new kinds of paint, pastels, clay, card, computers, digital cameras, sticky tape, fabric, wire, pencils, ink, wax, plaster. They may work in Three Dimensions, with Clay, Mixed Media, Textiles or Sculpture techniques, could use Digital processes, Printing methods or develop their skills with Paint and with Pencil. Successful students are prepared to try new skills and work to improve old ones.   

Art & Design KS3 Curriculum Map

What is GCSE Art and Design like?

GCSE Art and Design is a, Edexcel course (1AD0) where you specialise in Creativity and are able to use a variety of different materials and techniques. Evidence of your progress is kept in your sketch-book, which is your work journal. Fill it with ideas, plans, experiments, thoughts and observations.
These are some of the projects undertaken by current students:

  • Print making techniques, how to use a printing press 
  • Design a series of posters to promote an event 
  • Experiment with traditional and modern printing processes. 
  • Create a painting inspired by music 
  • Build a sculpture out of wire mesh, mod roc + other surface decoration techniques 
  • Investigate the work of other artists. 
  • Make an original pottery vessel inspired by architecture / personality 
  • How do artists represent the human figure? 
  • Build an abstract structure to convey an emotion. 
  • Expressive portraits and buildings. 
  • Experimental mark-making techniques.

Art & Design KS4 Curriculum Map

How are the students assessed at GCSE?

Coursework is worth 60% of the GCSE and completed in lessons and at home. The coursework projects last from September in Y10 to December in Y11. Everything that students produce in that time is assessed coursework and counts towards the GCSE grade.

The Externally Set Assignment is an exam, which is worth 40% of the GCSE and is in two parts. It is completed in the Spring term of Y11; it consists of a theme set by the exam board which students must respond to during a 10 week prep period and a final 10 hour timed exam.

Art & Design Grade Descriptors

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