The RE/Philosophy and Ethics classrooms are found mainly within the WS Block. RE is studied by all students during KS3 and then Philosophy and Ethics is part of the core curriculum at KS4 for all students, with mixed ability grouping used in all year groups. Students can elect to study Philosophy and Ethics as a post-16 course.

What will the students learn in RE/Philosophy and Ethics?

Lessons allow students to investigate a range of contemporary issues, question them and construct answers to difficult questions. Students will learn to approach these issues in a mature and open-minded way, respecting the variety of views that they encounter and work with others to explore them fully. Students will use reasoned argument to express points of view, without pre-conceived ideas clouding their thoughts.

What is GCSE Philosophy and Ethics like?

Philosophy and Ethics follow the AQA exam board’s course (601/8401/2)
The students will study the AQA Philosophy and Ethics course which has two modules the course covers are:

Component 1: The Study of religions: beliefs, teachings and practices. Students will cover 2 religions: these are Christianity and Hinduism. Within these religions they will look at such diverse issues as: Nature and existence of God
Worship and festivals
The local and worldwide community
Lifestyles and pilgrimage

Component 2: Thematic Studies. Students will then cover the following four themes:
Relationships and families
Religion and Life
The existence of God & revelation
Religion, peace & conflict

We develop a range of skills throughout the course. Students will use an enquiring, reflective and critical approach to the work we undertake. Students engage intellectually and respond personally to the issues we address. Through this course students are also encouraged to reflect on and develop their own values.

How are the students assessed at GCSE?

There are two exams, one for each of the components – The Study of Religions and Thematic Studies. They are both 1 hour 45 minutes and equally weighted.

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