With the demands of new GCSE exams, understanding what is required of a question has become increasingly important. I have spent some time looking at the command words for the new syllabus, (and the examiners' reports and comments) to better understand the literacy needs of each paper and each question.

The end result is a bespoke literacy mat that students of history will be using in KS3 and KS4 to help them approach any written task with confidence, and to prompt them into better analysis and evaluation of historical sources.

Make use of these in history and watch your grades improve!

Download this file (History Lit Mat 2017.pdf)History Lit Mat 2017.pdf

We are always looking for links between literacy and other departments. I recently team taught a Year 8 physics lesson on air pressure and it was great to witness the students' realisation that the sentence starters they had learnt in English lessons were perfect for explaining scientific processes. These students should be well prepared for six mark questions by the time they sit their exams in Y11!

Mr Cates

This Wednesday's literacy starter day (15th March 2017) is focused on the skill of proofreading and common errors.

Many of us find it easier to spot errors and mistakes in the work of others than we do in our own writing.

I have spent some time in science recently looking at the literacy needs of the subject.

You will see in the image that teachers are working hard to include literacy into science lessons and presentations.

Download this file (Text Types in Science.pdf)Text Types in Science.pdf

Our second literacy starter day will take place on Wednesday 7th December; students will play with commas in some fun activities from tutor time right through until period five.

Further support with commas (and other uses for them) can be found online; the University of Sussex website has some useful advice:


Help your child prepare with the following resource sheet!

Welcome all!

This year, we will be looking at a number of literacy needs our students have.

Up first is some help with verbs and tenses.

On Wednesday 9th November, all students will be involved in a Literacy Starter Day; help your child stay ahead of the game by downloading the following help sheets and resources!

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