The History classrooms are found on the 1st floor of the WS Block. History is studied by all students during KS3 and is then part of the optional curriculum at KS4, with mixed ability grouping used in all year groups. Students can elect to study History or Classic Civilisation as post-16 courses.

What is the curriculum intent within History?

The History Department at Sprowston Community Academy aims, through the study of key historical events, to equip our students with both the knowledge and skills required to analyse and evaluate the significance of key historical events. Our curriculum is structured to nurture a love of History and understand the journey from medieval England to the emergence of the UK as a liberal democracy in the 19th and 20th centuries. History, therefore addresses not merely events but their role in shaping the British values of today. Students develop the key historical skills and concepts including chronology, source evaluation, interpretations, significance, change and continuity and cause and consequence. These skills and concepts are used as tools for students to make sense of, and understand, the volume of knowledge required to investigate key historical events. Students study a wide range of historical periods from medieval England to the key events of the 20th Century. This enables students to study the past from a variety of viewpoints and to make connections and comparisons over time. Our curriculum at Key Stage 3 provides the foundation skills and knowledge to equip pupils to make further progress at KS4 and KS5.

What will the students learn in History?

History lessons will develop the skills to select, organise and use knowledge gained, to explain and analyse the key features of the historical topics studied and to evaluate sources of information. Students will come to appreciate how people and events have been interpreted in different ways by people in the past.

History KS3 Curriculum map

What is GCSE History like?

History follow the Edexcel exam board course (1HI0) The GCSE course allows students to study a wide range of History from the impact of the Norman Conquest to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi dictatorship of 1933-45. Students will also have the opportunity to investigate the impact of settlers on the Native American Indians and the development of the American West. We also analyse the changes in understanding and treatment in Medicine from c1250 to the present day, with particular focus on the treatment of casualties on the Western Front in WW1.

History KS4 Curriculum map

How are Students assessed at GCSE?

3 written papers of equal weighting, are completed at the end of Year 11.

SCA Grade Descriptors for History