Personal Development

What is the Curriculum within Personal Development?

Personal Development is all about the foundations & skills needed to develop the personal, interpersonal, practical and social skills that are needed to help create successful wellbeing for now and the future. 

Learning through six core topics; life tools, community, governance, relationships, health and awareness, students apply and develop communication, research, analysis, debate, personal reflection and critical evaluation skills. 

Students explore research based factual information regarding issues, including their rights and responsibilities so that they gain functional understanding of the issues ahead of them. 

Lessons are tailored to enable and encourage students to maximise their well-being & potential at the same time as protecting themselves and others as they navigate their lives. At the start of each academic year, students sign a PD pledge which is kept in their PD book, this pledge is an agreement between school and the students of the commitment both have to maximising potential & progress. All students in KS3 and KS4 (not including KS4 +science+ students) study PD. Lesson content is shared on Doddle to all students (accessible by parents/carers) half termly so that it can be utilised at home also.

What will the students learn in Personal Development?

PD covers a wide range of topics and issues. All lessons are rooted in compulsory curriculum expectations set out by the Department for Education; these include, Citizenship (CZ); Careers, Personal, Social, Health (PSHE); Wellbeing & Safety; Relationships & Sex (RSE); Global Issues & Values; Financial & Economic Education. The PD department is led by a PD, CZ, PSHE, RSE specialist and lessons are delivered and facilitated by a team of skilled, qualified, teachers. Lessons focus on core issues that directly impact on students’ lives and futures and they are designed to be solution focussed providing students with the skills and knowledge needed so that they can develop resilience and independence as well as the confidence and knowledge to be able to access appropriate information and additional support as and when needed. Our PD schemes of work are designed in a spiral so that as students’ progress through their school years, the PD lessons covered reflect age appropriate content; starting in Y7 for example covering friendships & bullying building through to Y11 covering intimate relationships & domestic abuse.

Personal Development KS3 (Y7-Y9) Curriculum Map

Personal Development KS4 (Y10-Y11) Curriculum Map

Policies & Statutory Information

How are the students assessed in Personal Development?

Personal Development (PD) as a subject covers elements of education that are not wholly academic and as such we do not assess PD using a formal grade based approach; after all, students are individuals that develop along different pathways all with different starting points and different priorities. PD students are given feedback based on their engagement, effort and attitude in relation to their own positive progress. This feedback is also reflected and shared through our report system so that parents and carers have a clear understanding of areas for praise and areas for more progress. KS4 students are also given the opportunity to build their own PD portfolio so that they have a wealth of practical information at their fingertips as they move onto the next stages in their lives and into successful independence.