Congratulations to all of the students from Y7 to Y10 who have successfully completed phonics programmes this year. We have seen all of the students engaging really positively and as a result students have made significant progress in reading and spelling scores. Special thanks to Mrs Richardson for running these interventions and organising the celebration party- it was a bit hot for cake but we managed it anyway!

The students are working really hard to identify target sound in a text.

Mrs Richardson's Year 8 Sound Discovery Group

Since 2008, specially trained staff in SEN have been selecting and training pupils in the TITAN (Travel Independence Training Across the Nation)scheme.  The scheme is aimed at those individuals who are likely to need taxiing to school or college; or who are thought to be especially vunerable.

The aim is to prepare these individuals for safer and more confident engagement with the community by encouraging independent yet considerate interaction with others.  Safety is a key issue, but also tolerance and an enjoyment of what the community might offer.  In this respect, TITAN aims to be the foundation, and experience completes the task.

The course can be started at any age in our school, and moves through 3 levels, each level ending with a single test.  Many Norfolk schools and colleges run the scheme, so that pupils can easily continue training after leaving SCHS.  A certificate of achievement is awarded at the end of each stage.

Skills practiced include:

  • Road Safety (as a passenger or pedestrian).
  • Stranger danger.
  • Counting money and calculating change.
  • Telling the time.
  • Reading a timetable (bus and train).
  • Simple map reading.
  • Confidence and good manners when meeting members of the general public.

Norfolk County Council values and supports the scheme for three reasons:

  • It forms a vital component of Every Child Matters.
  • It encourages the use of public transport which has a beneficial effect on the environment and fuel energy conservation.
  • More young people using alternative transport saves in the region of £3000 per head.  Money that can be invested in other worthwhile schemes.

Comments from former participants have always been favourable and appreciative.  Sprowston Community High School is pleased to provide the training for our current pupils who are tomorrow's adults.

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