At Sprowston we believe it is important that our students learn more about the plethora of excellent local, national and international charities that exist because learning to help others is an important life trait to hold.

The table shows just how much we have been able to donate.  If you have any contacts that you think our students should know more about, please discuss the matter with our charities coordinator.  We always welcome further involvement in local Norwich and Norfolk charities.

Charity Committee

Sixth Form

Ruby Slaats
Sam Rowlands

Year 11

Lauren Hunt
Roxanne Matthews
Zumi Johnson
Nanacy Maeu Wright
Natasha Levesley
Jess Vertigan
Erin Fox
David Csogor

Year 10

Caitlyn Barden
Molly Powell
Eve Scahill

Year 9

Jorj Bissett

Year 8

Phoebe Kelly
Anya Payne
Elsie Slaats
Paige Bailey
Chloe-Jayne Copsey
Emilie Brown
Ellie Chivers

Year 7

George Todd
Elish Reynolds
Sophie Wright
Gemma Pendrill
Reece Barrass

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