Financial support comes in the form of either a bursary fund (which includes the discretionay fund), for the most vunerable young people and a smaller discretionary fund, both are described in more detail below.

Bursary Fund

The 16 - 19 Bursary Fund helps vulnerable young children continue in education where they might otherwise struggle for financial reasons. It is made up of two parts; bursaries of £1200 a year and a discretionary fund for the school to distribute. This fund is available to young people in the following circumstances; a young person in care, a care leaver, a young person receiving income support or a disabled young person in receipt of employment and support allowance who is also in receipt of disability living allowance

This will be paid in regular instalments for the duration of the course.

Discretionary Fund

The discretionary payment system is for specific educational purposes such as: books & equipment; examinations re-sit fees; university application (UCAS) fees; and educational visits. It is for students who face genuine financial barriers to participation. Eligibility for discretionary payments is income related. As a guideline please consider the current household income band is £25000 pa.

Application Process and Payments

  • Please hand in the application form at the start of term in September, along with the required evidence.
  • All applicants will be advised, in writing, of the outcome as soon as possible thereafter.
  • All bursary payments will be attendance and behaviour related and will be back-dated to the start of the courses the student has enrolled upon.
  • All bursary payments will be made by cheque and will be subject to the conditions laid down in the Sprowston 16 - 19 Bursary Contract.
  • Please note that Sprowston guarantees that all personal information, including bank details and household earnings, will be stored securely and will remain strictly confidential.
  • In Year applications will be considered and applications to be with the Head of Sixth Form by the 15th of each month, subject to funds being available.

16 -19 Bursary and Discretionary Fund Policy

The policy (attached) relates to applications from students for a 16-19 Bursary, Sprowston Community Academy Sixth Form participates willingly in the administration of the 16-19 Bursary Fund. It is our policy to ensure that the funds received annually from the EFA (Education Funding Agency) are targeted towards students that have the greatest need.

Other forms of financial support

Anguish's Educational Foundation may also be able to help out.

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