A Levels Gained: PE B, History C, Geography C

My favourite subject during Sixth Form was History because I found the topics that were studied during the two years very interesting, and I enjoyed the activities we did such as going to Berlin to see the Berlin Wall and the Concentration Camps. We also went to London to see the Archives.

I really enjoyed going to Germany with the History group because it gave me and the whole class a really good chance to get to know each other and have a lot of banter during the trip. (The learning part was enjoyable as well!!) It was good fun and really interesting to see some of the landmarks in Germany. Also results day at the end of 6th Form was memorable as the two years of hard work paid off and I got three grades I wanted and that was my last day of school and 6th Form was finished.

Shortly after 6th Form I became a full time karate instructor and have been ever since. It's been my dream job ever since I became a black belt!! I teach young children as young as 6 all the way to adults. I won my second World Championship title in Italy in 2011 have been training towards my Black belt 3rd Dan which I hope to grade for when I am 21. I have also attended courses with some World Renown Karate Instructors and competed nationally and internationally in countries such as Italy, Poland and I shall be travelling to Switzerland for a 5 day course and competition in July 2013.

A Levels Gained: Geography B, English Literature B, Business Studies C, French E

My favourite subject in terms of the syllabus it would be Business Studies because it was a new subject for me at A-level and has helped in some aspects of the job role I am in now. However I also enjoyed Geography because it was the subject whereby I improved the most against my predicted grade.

Being part of a geography field trip to Morocco and completing a two day camel trek across the Sahara Desert. The culture and overall experience was something I will never forget.

Since leaving Sixth Form last year I have joined Vodafone Global Enterprise as an Apprentice customer service advocate. I am now approximately half way through completing the course which involves working full- time and participating in various on the job and off the job training days. On graduation from the scheme I am hoping to become involved in some of the work of the Vodafone charity 'The Vodafone Foundation'.

I would say to those still studying at Sprowston Sixth Form, that don't feel further education is right for them to consider an Apprenticeship because it allows you to earn while you learn and also gain a qualification.

Toby Moy left Sixth Form in July 2015 and is currently working for Aviva before going on to the University of Warwick.

After completing my A levels in June last year, I began working as a customer advisor at Anglian Home Improvements on a full time basis. I held my position for 3 months before resigning in September to join Aviva's HR department as a temporary member of staff. Since my arrival I have managed to secure a permanent contract as a financial adviser in the UK payroll team. The work experience I have gained this year has been valuable, nevertheless, I will be returning to education in September 2016 to study Business Management at the University of Warwick.

Since leaving Sprowston Sixth Form, I have gone on to study Geography at the University of Gloucestershire where I am currently working at a first degree level! I am also part of quite a few societies and sports clubs at the university. I am currently part of the Volleyball Club at the university where we just finished 2nd place in the BUCS League and are currently hosting a number of charity events for Youngminds this week. I am also a member of the Geographical Society.

Ryan High left Sixth Form in July 2015 and is now studying Primary Education (QTS) at the University of Northampton.

Starting university has been one of the most exciting, scary and challenging experiences. The biggest worry I had, before university, was meeting my new flatmates for the first time. The group that I am now sharing halls with have become almost a new family. The guys that I am sharing with are all from different backgrounds, locations, ages, courses and with many different aspirations. Over the first 6 months we as a group have had so many experiences and have become firm friends for life. My biggest must of must things to bring to university is a door stop; as it is vitally important to make the first 'hellos' to your new family when you arrive in halls for the first day. It is incredibly likely that everyone else is in the same situation of anxiety and excitement of meeting new people. Ultimately it is these first 'hellos' that can set you up for a successful three or more years at university.

Ryan Clabon is a former student of Sprowston Community High School, he moved on to study Automotive Engineering with Motorsport at the University of Hertfordshire.

Ryan was a member of the hugely successful Red Set Racing Team who competed in the 'Formula 1 in Schools' competition. His team were UK regional finalists, won the UK F1 in Schools Finals and went on to represent the UK in the World Finals in Austin, Texas in November 2013.  The team came 8th out of 38 teams from all over the world which is a stunning achievement.

Ryan has always been a fantastic ambassador for the school and sixth form, and a wonderful role model for our students.  We were delighted when Ryan agreed to be our guest speaker at Prize Winners' Tea 2016.

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