Year 8 have been tasked with an extended inter-form challenge this term. They will work with the pupils in their form on a variety of different mini competitions to see which one can emerge victorious at the end.

These challenges will provide a balance of academic achievement, charitable work, community spirit and puzzle tests to see which form can come out on top.

So far, they have competed in 3 challenges and have really immersed themselves in all aspects of the competition.

The first challenge involved them seeing which form could pick up the most achievement points in the first 3 weeks of term. The whole year group worked spectacularly well and achieved over 700 achievement points! 19 pupils actually managed to pick up 9 or more! The winning form was Mr Bright’s (8BI) who picked up 117.

The second challenge centred on a charitable focus and the national campaign, Jeans for Genes, which supports Genetic Disorders UK. Once again, Year 8 has proven they’re the top year group in school with some brilliant fundraising ideas and projects. There were many cake sales, raffles and penalty shoot-out competitions taking place on the day. Year 8 actually raised in excess of £370 for this great cause. The winning form this time was Ms Woolton’s (8WA) who managed to raise over £70.

Finally, the forms were tested last week with a ‘Defeat the Riddler’ challenge and had to work tactically as a form to solve 10 tricky riddles. The forms confidently emerged victorious with all forms scoring 8 or more points out of 10.

There are many more competitions still to come and next up we have an active citizen challenge where the pupils have to record how much they help parents/ careers/ relatives at home with household chores. We’ll also be holding a ‘beat the Brainiac’ mega quiz in the coming weeks.

Ultimately, 3 challenges into the competition there is still much to play for but the leadership board has Ms Kersey’s form out in front, closely followed by Ms Woolton’s and Mr Wesley’s form in 3rd.

The overall leadership board after 3 challenges can be seen below.

Keep up the fantastic start to the term Year 8!


  • 1st place= 8KY= 23 points
  • 2nd place= 8WA= 20.5 points
  • 3rd place= 8WN= 20 points
  • 4th place= 8RC= 19 points
  • 4th  place= 8GJ= 19 points
  • 6th place= 8BI= 18 points
  • 7th place= 8HV= 15.5 points
  • 8th place= 8JD- 12 points


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