We are piloting the use of the Sports Houses within the academic side of the school with Year 7s this year. This is a new development for us here at Sprowston and we are looking to embed Sports Houses further as the year progresses.

We have four Houses: Chiefs, Giants, Tornadoes and Vikings, and the awards given each term will also follow the PE assessment approach of Heads, Heart and Hands.

For the Autumn term their scores have all been tallied up for the most progress against targets (Heads), the highest Attendance and/or Attitude to Learning Scores (Heart) and the highest Achievement Points minus Behaviour Points (Hands).

In this first term it is the Vikings who have taken the Progress and Achievement lead, whilst the Giants have proven to be all-heart scoring the Highest Attitude to Learning. Awards were given out at the Year 7 Christmas assembly. 

Well done to the all concerned and maybe the Giants and Tornadoes can take the awards away next time.

Mr Parker, Mr Setchell and Mr Panayi

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