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  • The new project has them experimenting with the way to impress, using natural items such as leaves or stones, or apply more clay to create texture.

    The work is inspired by their earlier Landscape studies earlier in the year. These tiles are just the testers.

    More development of ideas and research will lead to more ambitious final outcomes.

    Perhaps we have next year's Great Pottery Throw down competitor.

  • The students had great fun and learnt about maths at the same time.

    8S1 are here being inequality crocodiles in Maths today.

    Remember Croc always eats the biggest number!

  • 8S1 having an interesting time, interactively learning about Venn Diagrams in Maths

  • We had a great Christmas assembly on the last Friday of term! I would like to thank Annalise, Sophie and Cindy for performing in front of the Year group and doing so well.

    The Tutor groups who overall won the combined Christmas Challenges were DC & HJ, an excellent effort.

    I attach the Christmas PowerPoint if you want to check out who won what awards!

    There were 64 awards and certificates given out during the assembly.

    John Cordeaux

  • Tutors nominated the following for individual Active Citizenship certificates. These were given out in assembly.

    Alysia Rose, Ellis Chaplin, Anya Linning, Megan Cork, Aiden Germany, Chi Double-King, Millie Stephenson, Cindy Rukara, Neve Farrants and Aaron Ford.

    Congratulations to everyone - an outstanding effort!

    Mr Cordeaux

    Head of Year 8

  • Congratulations to Mr Sayce & Ms Hurren's tutor groups for winning the top prizes in the Active Citizens tutor group competition. Students were set the task of doing helpful tasks at home or for their friends and relatives. For each 1/2 hour that was signed for by parents, students collected a point for their tutor group. In total the tutor groups amassed 913 points, in other words 456.5 hours!

    The overall result was as follows: 1. SJ 2. HJ 3. CG 4. DC 5. DC 6. LD 7= OC & MN

    SJ & HJ were awarded their 'Heroes' chocolates in assembly! Well done everyone.

    Mr Cordeaux

  • Great news! We run Homework Club after school for all students in Pathways in CM Block

    The Homework Club is designed to encourage and support students in becoming more independent, enable them to overcome obstacles and to improve homework records.  It also gives the opportunity to use the internet for homework tasks. Stationery, equipment, access to computers and printers are also available. The Homework Club also offers peer support from Year 10 and Year 11 Duke of Edinburgh volunteers and Sixth Form students who help and encourage students with their work.

    The Homework Club takes place at the following times and days:

    Tuesdays 3.30pm - 4.30pm with Mrs Norman

    Thursdays 3.30pm - 4.30pm with Mrs Vannucci


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ChatHealth is a confidential Health line available to young people across Norfolk. Anyone between the ages of 11-19 can text the ChatHealth line to receive confidential and professional health advice.

ChatHealth offers support on a wide range of health related issues including relationships, healthy eating, smoking, bullying and coping with exam stress.

The ChatHealth text number is 07480 635060

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